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Friends, my name is love, I have read all the stories, but can not take names of everyone, but all are very good. This is my first story, hope you like it. I am a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, my village is in Nagpur, I go there every 3-4 years, the last time I went in February 2010. There is a girl named Pinky, along with my maternal house, though she seems to be my aunt in that relationship, in front of everyone I used to call her aunt. She is very handsome and beautiful in appearance, her thin waist and throat! By the way, he had liked me earlier, so what the French wanted to do. But how do I take initiative? Before this time I had met him twice only, his behavior was very open, as if he loved me. She started telling me - my marriage is going to happen! these ! they ! We did a lot of things! His mother also let us talk. But I had a lot of heart to think that if this book is good, then it is good! When I talked to him, he used to sit near me and talk. One day I told him in such a joke - you like me very much, you are very beautiful!
At that time he was cleaning the rice. I caught her hand and said- How cute are you Pinky! I used to call him Pinky in solitary way. She is only 3 years older than me, she has not even opposed why love tells you why it is so. I kept her hand stuck that her mother had come. When her mother came, she gave up and left my hand, I understood what is in her mind. Because if he does not have anything in his mind then why is he afraid of seeing his mother? Pinky's mother began to ask- And son of love, what is the condition of Delhi? I said - All right, Grandma! His mother went out again, maybe the farm would have gone. After that I said - Pinky, why did you fear? That quote - You kept my hand and looked at my mother only if it seems good. I put his hands on his thigh. He wore dark blue salwar-kameez, in which his throat looked very white and his thigh was so soft, what should I tell him